Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Last week I received a very encouraging email along with some super cute pictures. The sender, Mary, captured so well the purpose and heart of our Minus 1 Project that I wanted to share it.
"The more that see, the more will hear Him and the more Minus 1 orphans there will be. These shirts are going to give that person who was thinking about adoption, a nudge. The one who never really thought about it, a tug. And there will be less orphans."

Thank you, Mary and all of you who have purchased and wear our fundraising shirts.
Families stepping up and out to find their children and bringing them home.
Now, that's a Minus 1 Project!


  1. I wore my pink one to the gym last night and it started a GREAT conversation. A man asked if it was about dogs, and I said "No, we are adopting a child". He then told me his wife has always wanted to but he never could "get it". We talked for a while...

    I hope I helped him "get it.


  2. Now that is some serious cuteness!!!!
    Just ordered more today :) he he he

  3. LOVE THE GOT LOVE! May I borrow that for my facebook? When I am not on a plane I will go to 'your store'. I was close to Blacksburg recently. It was so beautiful. Leaves were turning and it was perfect. I believe the good LORD was a little bias when NORTH CAROLINA VIRGINIA and WEST VIRGINIA were created. I will throw Maine in there too. JUST LOVELY. YOU MUST GO TO TWEETSIE!! Praying for you guys. Hugs... Ann From China to Carolina (one year home and happy)