Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hoodie weather

I'm not sure about where you live but here it is close to hoodie weather.
I really like wearing old jeans and a big, comfy hoodie.
Well, I really like wearing jammie pants with a hoodie but seeing that I'm well past the college years, I can't seem to bring myself to wear them in public.

I'm excited to post that for a limited time, Minus 1 Project will be selling hoodies.
We have three styles to choose from.
They're available to purchase now on our store site,

(Hoodie orders may take 3-4 weeks to arrive. Be aware of the possible delay.)

These will only be available for a limited time: Order now!

In other fundraising news: all the (-1) shirts arrived this week, were packaged up and mailed out!

Until the weather turns about 15 degrees colder and/or my (-1) hoodie arrives, which ever comes first, I'll be wearing my (-1) baseball tee.

This is now my new favorite top to go with my jammie pants! :) Please tell me I'm not the only one who leaves on jammie pants until the last minute and then slips on "real" pants right before needing to leave the house.
(photography by Lucy)

*Find the colored letters and get in the game...see post below (Oct. 23) for all the details.

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  1. LOVE! It's been so chilly in the mornings!