Monday, October 10, 2011

Burn-out week!

Am I burned out?!!

The constant peace from my Lord, positive news coming from our agency, the lovely fall weather, some great new fundraising items and my perfect children are giving me some renewed strength in the wait.
(Did you catch the joke about my perfect children?)

What is burned out, then?

The Minus 1 Project Big League baseball tee.
American Apparel
Burnout fabric with a vintage worn-in feel.
This will seriously be your most comfy shirt and if it isn't the most comfortable shirt you own, we'll refund your money...after our little one is home, that is! :)

--we are placing the order for the baseball and white/black (-1) shirts this week. Order yours today, HERE, to ensure we have your needed size and your wait for delivery is short!

And just to be sure that you don't think, that I think my kids are perfect, take a peek at what the girls did the other day:
(I never thought I would need to vacuum out the inside of the dishwasher.)

I hope you have a great, burned-out (ordering) week! :)


  1. Received my "got love" shirt, traveler cup and tote - LOVE THEM - but ohhhh no, I may need this one too! :) and my daughter wants a tumbler - another order coming soon!

  2. Don't you just wonder how their little minds work that they thought that was a good idea or even fun to do that with the dishwasher? Too funny though. Like you I always have to take a picture and just enjoy them being kids because I know before long they will be grown and gone and I will miss these little surprises they leave behind!