Friday, October 21, 2011

The girls' whereabouts during school hours.

Since Lindsey came home, I've been asked many times..."What do you do with the girls during school time?"

The question for this school year should be..."What do the girls do during school time?"

Note the difference in questions?

During the past few years the boys have taken turns doing school with me while the other entertained the girls. I also schooled with one girl on my back (in the carrier) and the other bouncing on my hip when they were really little.

This year has been much better as far as interruptions from the girls. The two of them, for the most part, play wonderfully together with one problem. They manage to completely destroy what ever room or rooms they play in. I have decided that is the trade off for us being able to get school done in a timely and suffcient manner.

So here we have a picture of the girls engaged in a good school time activity:
They spent the longest time "reading" books to each other. When they had finished I don't think there was one book left on our big book shelf.

On the flip side,
after school the other day, I went upstairs to find this:
and their dresser looking like this:
and me scratching my head as to why they would think this was a good idea or how they got up high enough to hang clothes from the curtain rod.

The clothes are still hanging there because that's how we roll...that is until our social worker comes to do our homestudy update in a few weeks. :)

The unscrambler returns to the blog on Monday for our October give-away.
Have a restful weekend before I start giving you letters that will keep some of you up at know who you are! :)


  1. This is hilarious! I don't homeschool anymore, but I have distinct memories of feeling so accomplished with school, then turning around and hearing a big sigh come out of me when I saw the messes the littles had made.

    Oh well, a clean house is not what I want to remember when I am reflecting on my life in my old age.

  2. Looks like they wanted to turn their bedroom into Bloomingdales! ;-)

  3. Hilarious!!! I actually laughed out loud. But they are so stinkin cute.....

  4. that is so funny... I am still laughing!!! looks like something my girls would have done!!

  5. Too cute! They have very creative minds! Not sure my brain is ready to unscramble again so soon!

  6. Love it! I also love when you get to the point of being a homeschooling parent of 85 kids and you just throw up your arms in freedom and laugh when you see things like this. Tomorrow is a new day!

  7. Maybe they were playing retail shoppers-HA!
    fun fun cleaning it up!

  8. That is so hilarious!!! seeing those clothes hanging that high...too cute!